RSCDS Glasgow Branch is delighted to welcome so many dancers to our Spring Fringe.

We are very pleased to be able to organise this Spring Fringe alongside the Youth Spring Fling and we look forward to dancing together.  Our Fringe Committee has been planning this event for many months.  We are delighted with the response and there are around 190 Fringe dancers taking part over the weekend.

We are fortunate to have many experienced and talented teachers and musicians here in Scotland.  Teaching our classes at the Fringe, are Heather Cowan and Peter Knapman, both Glasgow Branch teachers, and William Williamson from Dumfries Branch.  Our musicians are accordionists John Carmichael, Ian T Muir and Alan Ross. You will find more information about them all, on our Spring Fringe website.

Susan MacFadyen’s band and Martainn Skene’s band will play at the evening dances.

This booklet contains more information for you and along with what is on the website, we aim to have answered most of your questions. Please get in touch with the Fringe Committee if you have any questions or problems and we will do our best to try to help>

We hope you have good safe journeys to Glasgow and a happy and interesting weekend of dancing here.


The Spring Fringe Committee

Muriel Bone,   Fiona Fairlie,   Alistair Raeburn,   Catherine Raeburn,   Margaret Sanders