Teachers for the adult classes at this year’s Spring Fringe will be Heather Cowan (Glasgow Branch), William Williamson (Dumfries Branch) and Peter Knapman (Glasgow Branch).
Children’s classes will be organised by Caroline Holmes ably assisted by a group of young teachers from in and around Glasgow.

Heather Cowan

Heather Cowan has danced for most of her years starting as a girl in Forres then Edinburgh then London then Glasgow. Heather has danced and taught at Summer School in St Andrews, Spring Fling (teacher in London, attendee at many) and AGM classes in Perth. She also taught at Winter School in Pitlochry 2016.

Heather’s personal dancing highlights are meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2011 on behalf of the RSCDS and dancing for her Majesty at Holyrood Palace in 2013  in the youth team (while 20 weeks pregnant) when the Diamond Jubilee book was presented.  Heather has always been a strong supporter of youth in dancing and was at the forefront of hosting Spring Fling in Glasgow in 2008. She is delighted to be back teaching as part of the Spring Fringe event for Glasgow 2018.





Peter Knapman

Peter Knapman comes from Glasgow but spent much of his childhood in Hampshire.  He started dancing when at University in London and danced in the London branch demonstration team and then the Glasgow branch team.  He has run a successful SCD class in Bearsden for over 30 years.

Peter has been a strong advocate of all aspects of traditional social dance in Scotland and started a Ceilidh dance class for the Glasgow branch in the 1990s and has called at Ceilidhs for over 30 years. He has an interest in the history of social dancing in Scotland and a fascination with Quadrilles and other dances that were regularly danced in the 19 C.

Peter also has an interest in all aspects of traditional music in Scotland and enjoys making music with friends and the occasional opportunity to play (piano) for Scottish Country Dance classes.


William Williamson

 William is a native of Dumfriesshire. He learned Scottish Highland and Country Dancing as a child . William studied in Edinburgh and afterwards took up a teaching post at Moffat Academy. Away from education, William was a freelance broadcaster  and a well known singer and has a recording of songs from Dumfries and Galloway called “ My Bonnie Gallowa” and another called “The Folks Who Live On The Hill”.

Scottish Country Dancing has always played a large part in William’s life and he performs and teaches in many parts of the world. In 1980 he danced for the Royal Family at Holyrood Palace for the Queen Mothers 80th birthday. He is a long time member of the Dumfries Branch of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and has taught at the Societies AGM, Winter School, Summer School and overseas.

William enjoys walking in the hills and promoting the culture of Scotland.




Caroline Holmes

Caroline grew up dancing in Edinburgh before spending many years working with the University group in St Andrews. She now does an lot of work with the young teachers and dancers in Glasgow and is enthusiastic about working with children in particular. She is part of the driving force behind the momentum of the young Scottish Country Dancing scene in Glasgow, focusing her time and energy on supporting the teachers of the University and Alumni groups. She is a Primary school teacher by day and is experienced in teaching the Alba children of all ages too.

As well as teaching the Glasgow Joint Venture Advanced class, Caroline is also a qualified Highland teacher- so her classes are always full of fun and unusual variations. She is looking forward to teaching the children’s classes in April.